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L A S E R     K I T S

PWS 26 3m

PWS 26   LASER KIT  3,0m / 118inch              1.199,-€

Wingspan:              3.000mm / 118"
Lenght:                2.330mm / 92"
Weight:                25.000 gram / 55 lb
Power:                 Glow Engine - in our Model MVVS 150
Content:               Laser Kit with all parts as Landinggear, Accessories, etc.
Contains not:          Rx, Servos, Elektronic, Glue, Covering Material, Engine, Prop...

Price:                 1199,-€ + 70,-€ Transport (valid in Germany)

Delivery Time:         about 4-6 Weeks (Payment shortly before delivery. Not together with order).

Warning:               Transport Cost are 70,-€, because Kit is delivered in two big boxes!