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L A S E R     K I T S

PO-2 2‚85m

POLIKARPOV PO2   LASER KIT                      840,-€

Polikarpov PO2 or also U2,  KUKURUZNIK, MULE, CSS 13

Wingspan:              2.850mm / 112.2"
Lenght:                in short time
Weight:                14,2kg (31,3 lb)
Power:                 Elektro (or Glow Engine)


In video below you can see Airplane with elektric power:
-   Elektromotor TURNIGY Aerodrive SK3  6364-213kv
-   Propeller Modelpartner 18x8
-   ESC TURNIGY K Force 70A  HV  OPTO V2
-   LiPol  10S/5000mAh   30C          

Content:                Laser Kit with all parts as Landinggear, Accessories, etc.
Contain not:            Rx, Servos, ESC, Elektronic, Glue, Covering Material, Engine, Prop...

Price:                  840,-€ + 50,-€ Transport (in Germany)

Delivery Time:          about 4-5 Weeks



As imitation of the Radial Engine is possible order our "Plywood Engine"
with more as 600(!) elements.

Price:                 110,-EUR (+ postage if ordered separately).


These imitation is available only for PO2 (2,85m/112 inch)!